About us

Canada ranks among top academic destinations worldwide. Degrees awarded are recognized globally and help you earn lucrative career opportunities. Sentpo has become a name to reckon with in the domain of facilitating admissions in Canadian colleges for students who aspire to add new dimension to their academic credentials with international degree. Our forte lies in nursing courses but we also excel in guiding students fulfill their aspirations in other related degree programs also.
The motivation for starting Sentpo emanated from the experiences of our founder who had pursued his higher education in Canada. He had realized that Canadian pedagogic infrastructure is highly advanced, contemporary and in alignment with the needs of the employment market. This inspired him to pave the way for other Indian students who would like to steer their careers on promising and lucrative directions. Sentpo has elaborate arrangements in place to assist prospective learners in choosing the course, university and college province that optimally suit their needs and monetary strengths. Our strategic ties with all universities across Canada as well as with Canadian visa consulate officials help us streamline and expedite the procedures of study permit and admission application acceptance. We offer 360 degrees service wherein our assistance starts with choosing the appropriate course and moves through admission application processing, visa for filling, study permit granting, arrangements for moving to Canada, helping them to settle down comfortably, and getting acclimatized to the ambiance over there.
We have exceptionally customized and cost competitive solutions that are uniquely developed and dispensed as per the needs of individual aspirants. Sentpo ensures that you can complete your studies from top notch institution at optimal costs. We see to it that all formalities related to admission and visa application are fulfilled so that you can enjoy peace of mind. Our consultants take care of the entire array of needful study permit related activities on the behalf of learners. As a potential candidate seeking admission, you stand to definitely benefit from the vision of our founder who has impressive connections with relevant Canadian officials and program directors. Join us now and give flight to your career.

Our Team

We have a motivated and highly proficient team of veterans, seasoned academicians, retired visa officers, and professionals who have proven expertise in the field of higher study needs from the perspective of Canada. We remain in constant touch with admission directors and visa officials to ensure that our applicants get preferential treatment when it comes to scrutiny of study permit applications. We also conduct seminars and knowledge exchange sessions to enhance the awareness of prospective learners seeking to expand their knowledge base through specialized understanding of advanced concepts. We believe in extending all possible assistance to our learners by offering them customized and comprehensive solutions tailored to meet their unique needs. Our founder is a veteran academician who had completed his studies from Canada and is well aware of the intricacies of the system over there. Our support system is value based and aimed at offering holistic solutions that leverages the scope of optimal nurturing of innate potential of learners in Canada.


Arakkal George Tomy

Managing Director

Pishon Tomy,
B.com, Post Bacc Diploma – Marketing( Canada), MBA

Chief Executive Officer


General Manager


Fr. Paul (Canada)

Fr. Arlan(Canada)