The Republic of Latvia , is a country in the Baltic region of Northern Europe. Since its independence, Latvia has been referred to as one of the Baltic states. It is bordered by Estonia to the north, Lithuania to the south, Russia to the east, and Belarus to the southeast, and shares a maritime border with Sweden to the west. Latvia has 1,957,200 inhabitants and a territory of 64,589 km2 (24,938 sq mi). The country has a temperate seasonal climate.


The transport sector is around 14% of GDP. Transit between Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan as well as other Asian countries and the West is large. The three biggest ports of Latvia are located in Riga, Ventspils, and Liepāja. Most transit traffic uses these and half the cargo is crude oil and oil products. Free port of Ventspils is one of the busiest ports in the Baltic states. Apart from road and railway connections, Ventspils is also linked to oil extraction fields and transportation routes of Russian Federation via system of two pipelines from Polotsk, Belarus.
Riga International Airport is the busiest airport in the Baltic states with 6.1 million passengers in 2017. It has direct flight to over 80 destinations in 30 countries. The only other airport handling regular commercial flights is Liepāja International Airport. Airbaltic is the Latvian flag carrier airline and a low-cost carrier with hubs in all three Baltic States, but main base in Riga, Latvia.


The University of Latvia and Riga Technical University are two major universities in the country, both established on the basis of Riga Polytechnic Institute and located in Riga. Another two important universities, which were established on the base of State University of Latvia, are Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies (established in 1939 on the basis of the Faculty of Agriculture) and Riga Stradiņš University (established in 1950 on the basis of the Faculty of Medicine) – both nowadays cover a variety of different fields. The University of Daugavpils is another significant centre of education.   Latvia has one of the best education system and facility in Europe with affordable and cheap Tuition fees. The study programs like Masters in Business Administration(MBA), Tourism, Aviation Transport, Supply Chain and Logistics etc are of great demand when it comes to Job and Settlement in Europe.


Medical Sciences5.5 Lacs – 10 Lacs
Business Studies and Management Sciences1.5 Lacs – 2.5 lacs
Engineering and Technology1.8 Lacs – 3 Lacs
Mathematics and Informatics1.8 Lacs – 3 Lacs